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We specialize in producing sales leads for businesses of all types. You see, creating buzz for your business is our way of saying we deploy techniques that build customer awareness and interest in whatever your company offers. We uniquely formulate specific campaigns based on your customer profile, assuring it attracts the right kind of clientele to your business. Our targeting techniques produce sales leads only from people who are considering your product. All sales leads are vetted by us, so when you receive them, they are ready for your sales funnel. Say “goodbye” to lousy leads!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for free consulting based on your unique business situation. If your needs are a good match with our abilities, we are confident that we can create a unique formula for your business that will result in sales leads and business growth. This confidence comes from over 16 years on hands-on marketing experience.

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Little & Associates LLC is a diverse group of marketers with backgrounds in branding, computer science (IT& programming), digital marketing, graphic arts, copywriting, and videography.

We are all about researching, defining, creating, launching, managing, and analyzing creative touch points that provide paths to customer purchase or experience.

For start-up businesses, we utilize the most effective marketing channel(s) that make sense for your needs based on both historical data and future trends. For established businesses that are looking for additional growth channels, our services augment existing marketing channels with digital techniques and expertise that you may not have in house. We extend your marketing strategy with creative techniques and know-how that deliver your brand promise consistently and cost effectively.

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