Digital Signage


Digital door cards are rapidly growing in popularity where meeting spaces may be reserved, rented, or otherwise repurposed on a daily basis. The most common benefit of a digital door sign is to place vital scheduling information anywhere it needs to be updated often—and automatically—increasing workplace efficiencies. Triggered by third-party EMS/PMS systems that you are already using for room or facility management, a digital door card will display current and future meeting room schedules for employees, students, staff or guests at the right time and place.


Creatively inspired dynamic content will influence the ambiance of your building by the way it is integrated into the environment. From marquees to video walls, Dynamic Digital Signage will excite the senses, arouse and influence behavior that complements the purpose of building designs, which reinforces and extends your core brand image. How so? Digital signage, with its sleekness, brightness and vibrant color displays, can bring a new ambiance to building décor. A number of properties have refurbished their interiors and exteriors with designs that work in concert with the displays—extending all the way to architectural media that becomes part of the building and brand experience.


Digital menu boards located in food courts, fast-casual restaurants, and cafeterias, sumptuously present food items via pictures, videos, and animations. It is the most natural place to present promotions to a viewing audience looking for convenient meal options. According to a 2015 survey, “The Top 12 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards,” 30.8 percent of operators surveyed had recouped their investment within 7 to 12 months, averaging around 5% sales lift for promoted food items, 20% for featured drinks. These kinds of increases are typical across all food service sectors, meaning that both the impact and relevancy of digital signs typically outperform print or static signage.


Back-of-house digital signs help reinforce the brand standard for employees and provide timely reminders for safety information, company events and news. Employee training videos are easily distributed and scheduled at different times over a network to keep staff current with policies. Additional back-of-house messaging can reinforce training procedures to help keep employees focused.


Hotel, resort and corporate fitness centers help relieve travel and work-related stresses of both employees and guests alike. Digital Signage is a perfect way to gently remind fitness participants of additional stress-reducing amenities. Emails don’t work well as they used to, especially in a busy, mobile environments. However, place-based digital signage has the ability to convey important information to the viewers—either customers or employees—that is vital to maintaining a safe, efficient environment.


Social media and interactive campaigns will engage customers through an on-screen experience that encourages audience participation. Placement of a promotional display in the waiting area gives ample opportunities to promote daily specials, encourage loyalty program participation and entertain, all the while reducing perceived wait times. Research shows someone who watches entertainment while standing in line for ten minutes believes their wait is only half that.


Digital signs & video walls in hotels, corporate and other public lobbies are one of the most common uses of digital signage today. A natural gathering place, multi-purpose communication can instantly make visitors, guests, and employees feel informed, comfortable and entertained in a relaxing, home-like environment. Digital Signage makes it possible to control the brand experience from anywhere by simply accessing the ubiquitous web browser. Compelling and interactive media can be modified quickly, allowing it to be incorporated into virtually any environment or occasion. For example, interactive media can include digital signage, video presentation, projection or digital interactivity through kiosk, touch, gesture or mobile devices.


Digital reader boards are increasingly used within properties that host multiple events in multiple locations. It provides convenient up-to-date information that guests can use without requiring staff assistance. Placed near conference and multipurpose meeting rooms, reader boards can cut through the hustle and bustle by attracting and directing the attention of busy people to dynamic media that ties into events schedules, useful and relevant news, and social media.


Our virtual concierge uses one or two portrait-mounted LED backlit digital displays. One side of the housing can be used for promotional messages, while the other side supports full-on interactive that provides a platform for many marketing initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • expanding marketing communication channels
  • enabling place-based digital media campaigns
  • providing a platform for Omni-channel integration
  • enhancing product promotion and sales
  • improving customer service
  • providing self-serve interactive automation
  • enhancing customer experience
  • increasing customer loyalty
  • maintaining customer satisfaction
  • reducing paper waste and cost.